Pellitech is a multi-platform small business Information Technology Consulting and Service Provider company, professionally serving customers since 1997 in markets including Sarasota, Los Angeles, Denver, and Nashville.

Mr. Ploger Standing in front of a rack in a server room after performing a full office relocation for a long-time customer.

Ryan Ploger, the visionary and founder, started his career in technology and customer service in 1993 selling and installing consumer electronics to residential as well as business customers near Nashville, Tennessee. From there, he went to Los Angeles, CA and worked as an in-house IT administrator and html programmer at an award-winning marketing communications firm. This is when he began moonlighting as an IT consultant and found his calling, as he found he could apply two very strong skills of his with great success; engineering data networks and customer service. From there, he followed opportunities to Denver, Colorado and worked as a consultant at an IT consulting firm and quickly rose to the top of the company as Vice President of Operations, while still servicing the company’s biggest clients, serving as the lead sales person, and also was the customer service representative for the company. On the first of January 2005, Mr. Ploger started his own consulting company in Denver, which turned out to be very successful. Then, in 2013, he relocated his business permanently to Sarasota Florida.

His experience, personality, technical, customer service, and business skills truly set him apart.

The majority of the planning and customer service Pellitech performs for it’s clients are executed by Mr. Ploger, while a portion of the field work is done by carefully selected local IT professionals who have demonstrated success and excellence in their field, have passed Mr. Ploger’s rigorous qualification process, and have met or exceeded Mr. Ploger’s high standards concerning business insight and customer service approach. Pellitech currently operates as a consultants network, with an extensive board of advisors ranging from retired business leaders and engineers, current technology experts and business owners, as well as select customers and industry partners who contribute to the growth and success of Pellitech, which in turn drives the success of it’s clients.

The value proposition is simple–as a small business, why hire one person when you can benefit from a team of experts with a broad range of experience and insight to help you realize your business goals at a fraction of the cost of a full- or even part-time employee? By having your IT implementation done properly, you can use your technology resources and investment as a platform to support your success most efficiently. Or, if you have already gone so far down the rabbit hole using a reactive model to your IT approach, you may just now be realizing that it is time to stop the bleeding and catch-up game and switch to a more proactive model. Because now is the time to turn it around so you an actually focus on your business instead of technology hurdles and limitations. Stop dealing with the painful drag of improper utilization of technology infrastructure and services now!